Monday, 13 February 2012

Odoe trial

Well, here she is... it's the first real introduction of Odoe into the big wide world. 
Odoe is the main character for my latest children's book idea. I have drawn up all the pages and am now onto colouring and getting her all shiny to come to Bologna Children's book fair with me in March. 
This trial is not a success...I wanted to make Odoe stand out from the world she has created, but I found out in this one that giving her a glow is NOT the answer....back to the colouring board. 

Any agents or publishers interested in arranging a meeting for Bologna, please just drop me an email:

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bleak House Mural initial sketches

Hello hello, this is my shiny new blog with my shiny new name after marrying my shiny new husband. All very exciting! Working previously under the name Natalie Gore I kept a 
Now, THIS blog, will be more efficient, up to date, hard hitting, grittier and generally a bit more erm...grrrr! then the previous. 

Righto, well, what are all these dodgy sketches  have posted? Questionable first blog, I know but...its that start of something big! Bleak House Library, Oldbury have asked me to paint up interior and exterior murals. For the interior the wanted 5 designs to put forward for people to vote. These are the initial sketches to be voted on. Which I will then redraw onto the wall and paint! Whoop whoop!

Exterior wall will be painting up designs won from the competition poster below which I drew up a while ago... nearly the deadline....oooooh, can't wait to see what the entries look like! 

Well, work isn't going to do itself...they haven't invented the illustrator-ma-bot just yet, thankfully. 
Cheery bye x