Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hello, hello! How do?
I'm doing just dandy...
In this blog I give to you...Poop!
(and a ramble about the style)

Poop the Dragon! My latest book idea, brewing in ma brain box. Huzzar...sadly in this picture the wee fella has had his tail chopped off the page...

This can be blamed on the fact that it is just a sketchbook doodle. Bad Sketchbook! You needed to be about 2 inches bigger on the left, definitely not my fault...all the negative space on the right was planned...honest!

Well, truth of the matter is, this was not drawn for public viewing, this picture of Poop is doodle bug material...  I was toying with loosening up my style (as I have been for some time) and I thought;

Catherine Rayner!

... Bit of a hero of mine (a love shared with my dear friends Emma and Master Auggy)

Now there is a lady with a lovely style and is LOOSE, not a loose lady (sorry lovely artist lady if you ever read this :) ) but a lovely loose looking style. Not painfully controlled like some of my work can get if I don't keep an eye on myself..Bad Nats!

So I got out my paint box and had a little tinker about with a sketch and tried to see about using a similar style... This was the product!

I then went on to produce a couple of paintings, not using this exact style, but applying the ideas behind this style to my normal style of painting...and I was happy with the outcome.

I am not going to post the outcomes just to build anticipation, ohhhhh yesss!
Calm down, calm down...

Right, rambling babbling intervention! I must stop!

Ok..... Byeeeeeeeee,

Nats x 

Thursday, 23 August 2012


(it's like red, but not quite)

Pink, pink, pink...Everyone loves pink! Especially my dear friend Sean the Prawn, Stevey Tyler and a little girl I have worked with over the summer, called Chloe. 

This is my picture of pink... Nothing more, nothing less, just pink.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Seamstress's Apprentice

Hello, hello, hello...

I thought I would drop a little blog up of what I am working on at the moment up as I normally disappear into a new story book idea and pop out the other side with finished work and much neglected blogging occurs in between...

I am a good blogger really...honest :) 

So this here is the worlds first glimpse of ma wee seamstress's apprentice, she shall be best friend and helper to the main character in my new book idea.

Here little pictures of her have made their way from my head to the page via the use of hand, shiny blue pencil (stolen from husbands desk...mwahhh haaa haaaa...yoink!) and trusty 2B.

It's really just messing around and playing with her expressions...familiarising myself with the character. Not yet got a name for her though...? Any suggestions, I generally improve on drawing people once I have named them :) 

Righto chaps...must shoot, got to go give a pint of the old red stuff to the official vampire people in the town hall... free tea and biccy's after though, to wash away any memories of nasty needles. 

All the best,

Nats x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rackham Tree Tribute

How do? Me again!

Notice: No Squirrells were harmed or put in any kind of emotionally traumatic situations in the making of this picture. 

I am aware this makes me cruel to create a piece that will leave this little fluffy person in fear forever, but I assure you, one day I will do a picture of him looking chipper and chomping down his nut, which he wondered, a little too far for comfort, into the woods to collect.

Many things were wanted to be achieved from this piece. To demonstrate forground, midground and background for the illustration class and also to show them the wonderfulness (yes, that is a word) of finding faces in trees. God bless Arthur Rackham...the man!

Be well, be happy and try to sniff bees, they smell fuzzy, warm and sweet!

Nats x


Hello hello!

I am back on the blogging. As Luke put's it, my binge blogging. 
This here be the piece I have put together for 'suspend' illustration friday.
I combined it with the piece I promised my 'illustration techniques' class I would do, circus themed and going easy on the background. You can't really see in the scan, but the wee chappy is bedecked in spangletastic glitter on his hat and coat trim. Snazzy-Monkey-Ring-Leader goodness!

Hope you like...

Wishing all well in this crazy time of mad weather.

Nats x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bleak House Library Outdoor Mural

I think initial apology to friends and family for vanishing for the last few weeks is needed. 
This is part of what I have been up to... indoor and outdoor muraling at 
Bleak House Library just outside Brum. 

The competition poster is in a previous blog post. Many people put in wonderful designs, several were chosen to be put together and this is the final design that came out the other side. 

There is a poem to go around the green man and some varnishing still to be done. I don't know what the weather is up to where you are, but here the sky currently is trying to wash us all away... Most definitely not outdoor muraling weather! 

I managed to install all 18 metres of this running in and out of rain, sleet and hail! It has indeed been an interesting couple of weather weeks. Come on sunshine, just one day and I can get the varnish on!

Also, the wee doggy in the mural is based on the amazing Master Baxter, 
a small scotty with a huge personality!

Righto, off to get my day started! Will post the indoor mural as soon as I find the photos :)

Think sunny thoughts,

Nats x 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Off to Bologna Children's Book Fair

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Well, got a guinness in hand and prepping myself to catch the over night coach to the airport to catch the flight to Bologna first thing tomorrow!


Have a lovely week and my dear, dear friend Emma might be having a baby before I return, good luck Mrs Emma, I love you and Mr Martin dearly!

Will post all about Bologna my return,

All the best to anyone else going and say 'Hi' if you see me,

Nats x

Odoe in color :) x

Monday, 12 March 2012

Inky Feets


Monday Monday...

Well, here are my little inky feets. They danced into my head when I was idly pondering over an interesting Illustration Friday title a couple of weeks ago, 'Fluid'.
Upon finishing them and feeling pretty gosh darn chuffed, my husband penciled in my nose ring and lip piercings on them and stated that he liked my self portraits.... Honestly, the nerve! :)

These are very low quality versions of the pictures, the goodens are still on the Prawns computer after a monster night of portfolio printing for Bologna... God bless the Prawn and his saint like patience with my perfectionist ways at 2.30am after 8 hours of helping me get me portfolio 'just right'! 

So yes, portfolio is ready, spanky new business cards are here, Odoe bookmarks in the post and I am on the dummy books tomorrow! Its all zoom zoom zoom around here 
(apart from the lazy Poirot and pasta bake night last night, yum yum, Zzz)

Big Springy smiles to all this sunny afternoon,

Nats x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hello Odoe...

Oh Odoe... She is successfully finding her way into colour.
We are nearly ready for our trip to Bologna,  just as soon as I have scanned, chopped, edited and stapled her into a dummy book! Don't worry I have heard it is relatively painless, no illustrated characters will be injured in the process.

Right, off to order business cards and sort out the old website, maybe a little cup o' tea before hand though...can you spot my lovely tea cup?! Thanks Dom and Eimear, it makes me super happy!
It's the same make as Mrs Bucket had... don't you know!?



Thursday, 1 March 2012

Illustration Techniques Workshop

Artspace, Netherton Workshop

I had a wonderful afternoon running an Illustration Techniques workshop at Artspace in Netherton today. We looked at doing watercolour and ink work with energy, looking also a point of light.

Here is some of the work! Everyones little lion chappy has so much personality and though we all drew from the same image, everyones own individual style has really come through.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the session.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Odoe trial

Well, here she is... it's the first real introduction of Odoe into the big wide world. 
Odoe is the main character for my latest children's book idea. I have drawn up all the pages and am now onto colouring and getting her all shiny to come to Bologna Children's book fair with me in March. 
This trial is not a success...I wanted to make Odoe stand out from the world she has created, but I found out in this one that giving her a glow is NOT the answer....back to the colouring board. 

Any agents or publishers interested in arranging a meeting for Bologna, please just drop me an email:

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bleak House Mural initial sketches

Hello hello, this is my shiny new blog with my shiny new name after marrying my shiny new husband. All very exciting! Working previously under the name Natalie Gore I kept a 
Now, THIS blog, will be more efficient, up to date, hard hitting, grittier and generally a bit more erm...grrrr! then the previous. 

Righto, well, what are all these dodgy sketches  have posted? Questionable first blog, I know but...its that start of something big! Bleak House Library, Oldbury have asked me to paint up interior and exterior murals. For the interior the wanted 5 designs to put forward for people to vote. These are the initial sketches to be voted on. Which I will then redraw onto the wall and paint! Whoop whoop!

Exterior wall will be painting up designs won from the competition poster below which I drew up a while ago... nearly the deadline....oooooh, can't wait to see what the entries look like! 

Well, work isn't going to do itself...they haven't invented the illustrator-ma-bot just yet, thankfully. 
Cheery bye x