Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bleak House Library Outdoor Mural

I think initial apology to friends and family for vanishing for the last few weeks is needed. 
This is part of what I have been up to... indoor and outdoor muraling at 
Bleak House Library just outside Brum. 

The competition poster is in a previous blog post. Many people put in wonderful designs, several were chosen to be put together and this is the final design that came out the other side. 

There is a poem to go around the green man and some varnishing still to be done. I don't know what the weather is up to where you are, but here the sky currently is trying to wash us all away... Most definitely not outdoor muraling weather! 

I managed to install all 18 metres of this running in and out of rain, sleet and hail! It has indeed been an interesting couple of weather weeks. Come on sunshine, just one day and I can get the varnish on!

Also, the wee doggy in the mural is based on the amazing Master Baxter, 
a small scotty with a huge personality!

Righto, off to get my day started! Will post the indoor mural as soon as I find the photos :)

Think sunny thoughts,

Nats x 


  1. This is just amazing Mrs!! I love the Baxter and am very touched you have used him as your muse!
    Cant wait to see more stunning work
    Love, Emma xxx

  2. hi Natalie....thank you for featuring a little grumpy scottish terrier on your fantastic piece of art work.....he has written his own tribute over here!!!..hope the weather allowed you to finish it as its been vile here...xxxx Kay

  3. The mural is wonderful! I live in a small town known for murals all over the place. I love them and admire the artists so much. There is a PDF format map of our murals at
    Silverton Mural Society.