Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hello hello!

I am back on the blogging. As Luke put's it, my binge blogging. 
This here be the piece I have put together for 'suspend' illustration friday.
I combined it with the piece I promised my 'illustration techniques' class I would do, circus themed and going easy on the background. You can't really see in the scan, but the wee chappy is bedecked in spangletastic glitter on his hat and coat trim. Snazzy-Monkey-Ring-Leader goodness!

Hope you like...

Wishing all well in this crazy time of mad weather.

Nats x


  1. im loving this mrs Perry...i like your simpler look...makes your characters leap of the page (or screen!!)

    lots of love xxx

  2. Haha so cute! Love those toes. Really cool perspective.