Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hello, hello! How do?
I'm doing just dandy...
In this blog I give to you...Poop!
(and a ramble about the style)

Poop the Dragon! My latest book idea, brewing in ma brain box. Huzzar...sadly in this picture the wee fella has had his tail chopped off the page...

This can be blamed on the fact that it is just a sketchbook doodle. Bad Sketchbook! You needed to be about 2 inches bigger on the left, definitely not my fault...all the negative space on the right was planned...honest!

Well, truth of the matter is, this was not drawn for public viewing, this picture of Poop is doodle bug material...  I was toying with loosening up my style (as I have been for some time) and I thought;

Catherine Rayner!

... Bit of a hero of mine (a love shared with my dear friends Emma and Master Auggy)

Now there is a lady with a lovely style and is LOOSE, not a loose lady (sorry lovely artist lady if you ever read this :) ) but a lovely loose looking style. Not painfully controlled like some of my work can get if I don't keep an eye on myself..Bad Nats!

So I got out my paint box and had a little tinker about with a sketch and tried to see about using a similar style... This was the product!

I then went on to produce a couple of paintings, not using this exact style, but applying the ideas behind this style to my normal style of painting...and I was happy with the outcome.

I am not going to post the outcomes just to build anticipation, ohhhhh yesss!
Calm down, calm down...

Right, rambling babbling intervention! I must stop!

Ok..... Byeeeeeeeee,

Nats x 

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  1. oh the lovely Poop! he is rather dapper Nats ;)
    I'm loving to see the progress in your work it is so exciting, as it just keeps getting better and better if that can be possible!
    We cant wait to see the finished drawing...sending you big creative hugs xxx