Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rackham Tree Tribute

How do? Me again!

Notice: No Squirrells were harmed or put in any kind of emotionally traumatic situations in the making of this picture. 

I am aware this makes me cruel to create a piece that will leave this little fluffy person in fear forever, but I assure you, one day I will do a picture of him looking chipper and chomping down his nut, which he wondered, a little too far for comfort, into the woods to collect.

Many things were wanted to be achieved from this piece. To demonstrate forground, midground and background for the illustration class and also to show them the wonderfulness (yes, that is a word) of finding faces in trees. God bless Arthur Rackham...the man!

Be well, be happy and try to sniff bees, they smell fuzzy, warm and sweet!

Nats x


  1. Seriously fluffy and cute. Great job with the depth and the faces in the trees! I am pretty sure a very nice critter of one kind or another will be along soon to show him the way out.